Joanna Krupa

Joanna explains why she wanted Lisa to choose either her wedding or Adriana's.

on Sep 24, 2013

It was fun having Lisa over and having my mom as one of the girls. My mom is my best friend, and sometimes I feel like I am the mom in the relationship lately LOL! My mom and I emigrated from Poland when I was 5 years old. Mom wanted to move in order to give her kids a better life, plus she also missed her mom and sister, who lived in Chicago. She left my dad behind, but he came to America two years later. My mom hustled to make sure Marta and I always had food on the table, and she always had such a positive attitude.

We never felt like we had less than other kids, and she always gave us tons of love to reciprocate for what we didn't have. We shopped at thrift stores, and sometimes I wore clothes that were too big on me because they were second hand. I didn't really have many options in my closet, maybe one or two pairs of shoes. Kids made fun of me at school. I was not only bullied because I was poor, but also because I was polish and blonde so kids loved to poke fun at me, but that made me stronger and a fighter. I never felt we were poor, because we were rich in our hearts. We didn't have a car so we had to take the bus or walk for groceries.

Since I was 6 years older than Marta, I helped raise her while my mom worked 7 days a week/12-15 hour nights in a factory making plastic cups for the fast food chains, but never did I see my mom sad. As she said, we could have it worse and at least we are healthy. Since I helped raise Marta, I grew up fast and with thick skin. I have seen how much my mom and dad struggled to pay the bills, especially because they didn't speak the language. My mom was a nurse in Poland, but since she came to America, she had to work in factories to make a living. My dad was a post graduate electric engineer in Poland, but when he moved to America he also had to work in factories and clean offices until he learned the language and got a better job in his field.