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Romain's Troubled Past

Joanna believes the show has helped her and Romain open up and deal with their issues.

This was the most intense and personal episode for me and Romain out of all the past seasons. Going to a sex therapist and opening up about our intimate problems on national TV is already challenging, and I admire Romain for that. But this time, the therapist managed to dig deep into his painful and traumatizing past, something he has never done before with me or even with his own family. Romain was physically abused for years, and this is something he was never proud of. I know him so well, and he chose to never say a word, because he likes to pretend he is strong and tough like I am, something that leads us to be stubborn and forget we both have fought, suffered, and struggled in the past.

I have been reading most of the comments in my past blogs and some people hate the fact I am always talking about my past. Well, my past is my reality, and so it goes for him. Romain revealed to me after the therapy that his childhood with that specific monster of a step mom was actually way worse than he described. She put him through things that even the devil wouldn't be capable of doing. I am actually shocked he is as strong as he is nowadays. I actually understand much better why he is always insisting on making peace with people and always running away from confrontations. I think the last thing anyone would like to see is Romain angry... He still has so much inner trauma, and the kindness that he always shows is what makes him so likable and real. Still, Romain doesn't blame his past for his current problems. He never looks for excuses, and he is willing to work through our problems to make our relationship work.

Romain always likes to hear what I have been through, and now I understand why -- he relates to it. My childhood was different from his, but running away completely broke from a Communist country through the Austrian border when you are 5 years old wasn't what a child really wished or dreamed of. I was with my Mom and it is what it is. I appreciate life, I embrace it, I thank God every day for what I have worked for, and I definitely appreciate all of you guys that spend time reading and commenting on my blogs. I still read and appreciate the negative ones, but I don't let them bring me down; if they are valuable criticisms in it, I try to learn from it. But to the nice and supportive ones, make sure to include your Twitter name, so I can cordially respond and thank you. Romain and I love each other, and we appreciate the huge support and love we are receiving from you all. We are doing great now, stronger than ever, and we must really thank #RHOM, which is enabling us to open ourselves up to our personal problems and discover our past struggles that have so much influence on our lives now; something we just didn't know... Most people always blame reality TV for breaking a relationship; in our case, it has strengthened it.

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