Lea Black

Despite the "Adriana saga" and Alexia's infomercial chatter, Lea thought both of her events were over-the-top successes.

on Oct 28, 2013

Hope you had fun with all the drama. LOL! I love the dress designer Rene Ruiz, his spirit, his team Brad and Daniel, and I love his store. I hope you enjoyed the handbags, even if there were some major "distractions".

If you watched Watch What Happens Live, you saw Amy Sedaris digging through one of the fun handbags from my line. (Watch the video here!) Fun!

I love you Lisa, but a premiere of my handbag line at a couture boutique really isn't the place to re-hash the "Adriana saga". I'm starting to feel like the Adriana issue is being shoved down my throat every single time I am around some of the girls. I can't even go to a business engagement without it becoming the topic of conversation. I'm starting to feel like I'm being "water-boarded" to overlook who I have realized she is and who she is not -- just so everyone can have a cocktail together!

My Lea Black Beauty facial presentation at the Intercontinental Hotel was amazing. Once again Sudden Youth did its magic. This facial has never failed me. I've done it in front of very large crowds in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, the US, and on television worldwide. Every single person (man and woman) I have applied the facial to on half of their face has seen a difference in just minutes. I demonstrate it on half the face just to prove how well it works.

And thanks again Alexia, I've been to many of your magazine parties that I didn't call "infomercials." I am still wondering when she will stop getting her digs in. And I'm still looking back to see when I ever put a dig in about her or her business. Can't find one. Getting more points with the hate club anyone?