Lea Black

Despite the "Adriana saga" and Alexia's infomercial chatter, Lea thought both of her events were over-the-top successes.

on Oct 28, 2013

Some of the ACTUAL infomercials of mine -- well, they are hilarious. And you can't say I don't try! The Joan Collins one filmed in Baden Baden Germany and the Amazing Discovery one with Mike Levey were the most fun and memorable.

How fab are Fabio and Hernan the decorators? Hope you love their work as much as I do. I think they are the most fun, most talented, and most fabulous team ever. The before and afters of the rooms they're remodeling exceeded all expectations. It was truly a "WOW" moment. Thank you Hernan, Fabio, and Joulian.

My friend Frankie Grande came in from New York, he took a break from his off Broadway one man show and his sister Ariana Grande's performance with Justin Bieber to join in the fun! I have the most fun friends. Real friends.

John Rich is an amazing entertainer, he came in just for the evening and I really appreciated it. His Redneck Riviera Rum hit the spot for the crowd and did I mention his cowboy wardrobe and country music? RJ was in Cowboy heaven. John really knows how to make a party happen.

I loved that my friends Alan and Dianne Collins (author of Do You QuantumThink) came. Their presence always reminds me of how important our intentions are and how important it is to be true to who we are.

I was gracious as usual to Adriana. I admit much of it was for the girls, and much of it for my son RJ in hopes of her allowing Alex to come over. I will admit there is a little "phonieness" in my niceness -- she continues to hold her son up as my reward if I brush things aside. And as most moms, I will do most anything for my son. Adriana has done many things that are beyond most people’s level of tolerance. But in the spirit of ending this saga and gossip fest, I think it best we all just move on. Her comment of the "deep connection and trust"? Trust means trust, it obviously means something different to me than it does to her.