Lea Black

Lea shares her thoughts on the wild Vegas trip and the conversation with Adriana.

on Nov 4, 2013

Titty Twerking and Panty Droppers
Doesn't that say it all? Fun weekend. Crazy girls, crazy fun. (And certifiably crazy in some instances.) Not kidding!
What a weekend!  I'd like to say what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas, but we all know it doesn't. Overall it was fun, feisty, and devoid of any sleep.

I personally like Lisa being feisty with a few cocktails, I think she was adorable. It was all innocent fun.

It's hard to be the clown and run the circus. I sort of felt like both during Vegas. LOL!

And what about all of those fabulous hot young guys hitting on me? Do you think it was my jewelry or me? SCREAM HERE with LAUGHTER! LOL!

What was crazier: 5 Cents at the pool and our dancing number? Or the beefy bus boy duo that I called Truth, Justice, and the American Way (because one had truth and justice tattoos and the other was wearing an American flag g-string. And that g-string wasn't an empty g-string)?