Lea Black

Lea shares her thoughts on the wild Vegas trip and the conversation with Adriana.

on Nov 4, 2013

And why was she silent? It really was deafening for someone who called herself a friend. Thinking back, her perception of me not cheering on her slap, or suggesting to her perhaps she shouldn't have provocatively danced in a thong on national television in front of a see-through door, or told her she shouldn't have accused a cast member of giving a blow job on national television was interpreted by her as me not taking her side or me judging her. All of those things that I said and advice I gave her was in her best interest. Isn't that what real friends do -- encourage you to do the right thing and when necessary try to save you from yourself? So what if I'm not an enabler? I won't apologize for that. And I now see that she prefers to be surrounded by enablers. Oh, and those who rush to enable --shocking. Some people either live in denial or just turn a blind eye. God forbid anyone take a stand.

She is used to deception --after all, she's lived it for five years. Others may justify it or enable it, but it is what it is. The truth is she's lied to everyone, including you, for 5 years. All of those conversations with her "fiancé" were simply lies. That's the ugly truth. 
So now, at Joanna's wedding, love is in the air. So all these months later, she FINALLY, officially admits that I DID NOT plant the article of the marriage license in the paper and perhaps one of the "other" girls did to cause her to turn on me. NEWSFLASH! Hello? I wonder when and why she had this epiphany. All that drama and kicking and screaming and snubbing and wanting to "spit in my face" week after week was for nothing? Oops! 
In my world there are consequences to one's actions. I never doubted staying true to my convictions, maintaining my principles, my character, and my integrity, and I don't regret it. I refuse to compromise who I am to expose who someone else is or isn't -- and they always wind up doing that themselves. My instincts served me well after this saga.

For those who support me, a very appreciative and heartfelt THANK YOU. And for those of you who think I should have been more forgiving and move forward with trust instead of trepidation, or pretend nothing ever happened -- stay tuned for the reunion and then decide. I think you will agree that even with all the lies and camouflaging and pretense (and you've only watched a fraction of it), her core has now been exposed.