Lea Black

Lea feels she is constantly being maligned by some of the other ladies.

on Sep 30, 2013

The haters never miss an opportunity to try to make me look uncaring or lie about me. Hopefully the next few episodes will reveal the truth about me reaching out many times to my friend when she fell ill. Alexia never misses an opportunity to throw me under the bus, perpetrate a lie about me, or try to make me look bad. She could of course ask me for my side of a story…but then how could she justify her comments and keep the haters happy? It is all behind my back of course -- to my face she is always lovely and "never allows anyone to ever say anything bad about me" -- because she "loves me and we are friends." Should I keep letting her get away with it or stand up for myself?

Lisa keeps peace with everyone, is the life of the party, and takes good care of Lenny, who couldn't possibly be any cuter. I love how he always has a smile on his face, even when in pain.

And Romain is the consummate gentleman.

And even when I'm not in an episode, I'm in it! LOL!