Lea Black

Lea responds to the false accusations from Alexia and Adriana.

on Aug 19, 2013

What am I, a Piñata?
Living life in the positive lane is a choice. It's tempting to ignore the haters, and it's usually not worth expending the energy on them, but when it comes down to desperate attempts to spread lies about me, I will once again defend myself.
For the record:
Alexia: Criticizing me because more "unknown sources" say that I "talk behind the girls' backs" as she is talking behind my back is quite ironic, isn't it? If I may rewind for a minute, the last so-called unknown source she cited, after throwing me under the bus based on what she knew to be a lie, was Adriana, according to Alexia who later "set the record straight." So I wonder if she will reveal this week’s mystery source? Was it someone on the streets again; or just another non-credible source? Incredible! Why does Alexia continue to listen to the haters and continue to repeat their false accusations and condone their lies? Will she continue to do other peoples' dirty work or will she finally wake up? Well, Alexia, let me be blunt: I'd rather have a real enemy than a fake friend.