Lea Black

Lea was shocked by Alexia's digs.

on Aug 12, 2013

I gave a public response just a few days after Peter’s arrest at the 20th annual Boys & Girls Clubs fundraiser, where I was quoted by the reporters who bombarded me with questions about Peter. I was quoted as saying, "That kid has a heart of gold. Of course he made a mistake and it’s hard to accept, because I'm always on the side of the underdog. But I love Alexia and I know she raised him right." You can Google it (lea black-peter rosello-joselambiet). My statement and private support to Alexia was in the face of a media frenzy labeling him a spoiled brat who deserved a prison cell. I didn't take the popular position.

So the haters just feed off the negativity and used Alexia just to take another jab at me. Poor Alexia, did she not realize she was being used by the haters? Why bring up an ugly story about her son in a vain attempt to attack me? The only person that loses is Peter, her son. One thing I know for certain, she knew BEFORE she made that comment that it was a LIE -- it's just a shame she had to repeat it. Well girls, keep coming at me with lies and I will respond with the truth and get ready for some collateral damage.

Moving on to the luncheon at Lisa's that I missed. Before we start, let me send Elsa a get well wish and love. Thank you, Lisa, for all your fabulous luncheons, cocktails, parties, and all of your good intentions in bringing everyone together to mend fences, and for your friendship.