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Why Would Alexia Perpetrate a Lie?

Lea was shocked by Alexia's digs.

Truth or Consequences

Welcome back! Are we having FUN yet? How beautiful is Miami? We are so lucky to live in a vacation destination. The show will be just like Miami -- sizzling hot!

I'm always ready for surprises, but even I was taken aback by tonight’s biggest surprise -- Alexia’s lie, quoting me as having said her son Peter should go to JAIL for 25 years! Everyone knows I have spent 19 years raising funds to help give kids second chances and keep them out of jail.

Visit and see my stance against sending kids to prison. What I do speaks louder than what the phonies say.

So, why would Alexia perpetrate this lie? She knows it's a lie. She knows I reached out immediately after Peter was arrested and offered my support many times. (Should Alexia tell us which of the haters told her that lie? And why she would repeat it, at Peter’s expense?)I gave a public response just a few days after Peter’s arrest at the 20th annual Boys & Girls Clubs fundraiser, where I was quoted by the reporters who bombarded me with questions about Peter. I was quoted as saying, "That kid has a heart of gold. Of course he made a mistake and it’s hard to accept, because I'm always on the side of the underdog. But I love Alexia and I know she raised him right." You can Google it (lea black-peter rosello-joselambiet). My statement and private support to Alexia was in the face of a media frenzy labeling him a spoiled brat who deserved a prison cell. I didn't take the popular position.

So the haters just feed off the negativity and used Alexia just to take another jab at me. Poor Alexia, did she not realize she was being used by the haters? Why bring up an ugly story about her son in a vain attempt to attack me? The only person that loses is Peter, her son. One thing I know for certain, she knew BEFORE she made that comment that it was a LIE -- it's just a shame she had to repeat it. Well girls, keep coming at me with lies and I will respond with the truth and get ready for some collateral damage.

Moving on to the luncheon at Lisa's that I missed. Before we start, let me send Elsa a get well wish and love. Thank you, Lisa, for all your fabulous luncheons, cocktails, parties, and all of your good intentions in bringing everyone together to mend fences, and for your friendship.
Speaking of friendships, where did the Lea/Adriana friendship go awry? And why did Adriana turn against me? According to her, I didn't have her "back" her when she slapped Joanna. A true friend has the guts to tell you when you're wrong, and Adriana, you were wrong. Does telling her to "take the high road" justify her betrayal and her joining of the hater club?

Back to the luncheon, I didn't go for a couple of reasons. My son was on spring break and we had family plans in L.A., and does anyone really think the way to mend a friendship rift is at a luncheon discussing it with a bunch of girls over cocktails? It would have put me in the position to discuss all the ugly facts in front of everyone. I just thought it would be more appropriate not to bring everyone into it and have people taking sides and giving opinions.

Why air all of Adriana's dirty laundry in front a group? Why embarrass her? Of course she did an excellent job of embarrassing herself by saying I only bought things from her and didn't give her "cash." Wow! A lot more to that story.

My instinct was to have a one-on-one conversation with Adriana, and hopefully just put it behind us and move on… Well stay tuned to see how that works out!And the Frederic/Adriana soap opera drama...really? LOL! Was that a set-up for the latest "marriage story"? His impersonation of me could have been funny, had it not been so mean-spirited. Amy Phillips’ is much better. But who can blame a guy for backing up his wife of 5 years? And thank you, Fredric, for promoting my new handbag line!

Congratulations to Joanna on your upcoming wedding plans and on your new car. Romain, you sure know how to make a girl happy!

The design experiences with Hernan Arriaga and Fabio Lopes made it all so exciting and inspiring -- stay tuned for the before and after. They are so fabulous, so fun, and such creative geniuses -- and over the top delicious -- I just love and adore them! And Joulian the project manager rocks too.This season has two weddings and a funeral (of a friendship). Or was it a friendship resurrection? Or was it: a wedding, a renewal of vows, and a stab in the back?

Expect drama, lies, betrayal, turmoil, raw emotions, laughs, giggles, fun, outrage, fake outrage, fake friendships, and much more.

During the flurry of all the stories you will hear, you can count on me to be straight with you.

I live my life like everything matters, because I think it does.

Spread the love and keep the peace.

Till next week! Love, Lea

Live like #everything matters.
And #don’t deal with stupid.

Thanks for watching. I would love to hear your comments (below).

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Hoping to Move Forward with Lea

Marysol shares what she hopes will come out of the reunion.

For me the reunion is a forum to hash things out and engage in verbal mud wrestling and hopefully come out cleansed from the tension and disagreements. I would like to make it clear that I do not hate anyone; I am not a person that likes to live in anger as it only makes you miserable and takes away from the precious moments of our lives. It is no secret that I have spent a couple of years being accused of lying by Lea when we do not see eye to eye on something. It is very frustrating to have issues with someone and always end up at the same place of “her word against mine.”

Unfortunately, my father this year has also had a rapid decline in his health and has spent the better part of the past few months in and out of the hospital. While dad was in the hospital with nothing else to do besides sleep, read, and watch TV he watched every episode of RHOM. He was very upset when he saw Lea saying I was lying when I said she didn’t call, write, or send flowers to mom for 8 weeks. He called me and said to figure out a way to video tape me and put it on that show of yours because I’ve had enough of the lies. My father was by mother’s side every day from the moment she went into the hospital to the day she came home (2 months later). He saw everyone who passed by, saw every flower and card that was sent etc. I truly was uncomfortable videotaping him in a hospital setting, but I was leaving for the reunion and he called relentlessly several times a day insisting I let him speak his mind for the cameras. If you thought Mama Elsa was tough, guess who she learned it from, that’s right, her husband of 52 years, Donald Patton. You never met anyone more ornery, stubborn, or tough, but I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

I have said my peace, which is what I went to the reunion to do. I have moved forward and forgive those who have hurt me and I forgive myself for those I may have hurt. I truly want to move forward to a better place with Lea to the best of our ability. We may never be best friends, but I’d like to think we can at least be in the same room, be cordial, and maybe even share a laugh someday.

It has been a fun season with the ladies and it provided a great distraction from the personal emotional struggles I was going through with my parents’ declining health.  I hope you enjoyed the season, thank you for all of your support and best wishes for my mother as that has been the greatest gift the show has brought us.

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