Lisa Hochstein

Lisa felt Lea was being attacked at the Venue party (and was not being hypocritical).

on Sep 2, 2013

Let me just get right into it. Marysol and the psychic: This scene was disturbing to me. Of course I hope and pray that Elsa had a speedy recovery, and it's true that she is a strong woman. To imply “a blond woman” (Lea Black) was doing black magic to possibly contribute to Elsa’s accident is disgusting! I'm sure Lea doesn't have time to cast spells on other people or hate anyone enough to wish to hurt them. That scene was shady. Furthermore I don't understand why Marysol cares so much if Lea reaches out to her mother or not. From what I understand Marysol wants nothing to do with Lea, so why in the world would she want Lea to have any contact “or do right by her mother” if she wants nothing to do with her?