Lisa Hochstein

Lisa felt Lea was being attacked at the Venue party (and was not being hypocritical).

on Sep 2, 2013

Moving on, can we talk about how fabulous Fabio and Hernan are? This is the first time I met these two, and I have come to just love them! For the record no one informed me that Lea and Adriana had that huge blow up at Lea’s house or that Marysol was seeing psychics telling her craziness about Lea. This is why I invited everyone to Baoli. I had no idea things had escalated so much. If I did, I would know better than to get them together after so much fire. Do they not remember just weeks ago they were at my home to try to work things out? For the most part, we ended on a good note.

I'm just getting to know all these women, so I don't know everybody's past and I certainly don't dig to find out. Slowly information is being passed along to me. Of course it's not right for anyone to be accepting anything from anyone under false pretenses, if that’s not 100 percent accurate. No one’s story seems to be 100 percent accurate. There are two sides to every story, and then there’s the truth.

Anyway I'm sick of feeling like a punching bag and having some of these women take digs at me for just trying to do what I felt was right. I'm done being a friend the best way I know how and going out of my way. I wash my hands of it.