Lisa Hochstein

Lisa didn't like some of Joanna's comments about her Miami friends.

on Sep 23, 2013

One of Joanna’s friends at the dinner said that she bought a puppy and Joanna got very excited for her. Doesn’t make any sense to me that she would get excited considering that she is all about adopting and protecting animals. Seems she treats people differently not by their actions but by who they are.

We've all had relationships in our lives with a group of friends where there has been a falling out with two of them. The best thing we can do as friends is to support each of them individually and not be forced to let go of one or the other. For the record, I wasn't even trying to be a peacemaker at all on this trip. I simply flew across the country to support Joanna in planning her wedding.

Lea quickly rebuffed me when I brought up Joe Francis by saying that he wasn't there to defend himself, but I wasn't trying to attack him at all. I was simply using the scenario as an example of how Joanna doesn't find anything wrong with Lea and Joe Francis’ relationship, but with me and Adriana she has a problem. That’s a double standard.

The fact is if Joanna does not want me to be in her wedding, I simply don't need to be and I could be perfectly happy with just attending as a guest. Whatever her choice I’ll support it, but I won’t be given ultimatums. Period.