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Joanna's Outright Insult

Lisa didn't like some of Joanna's comments about her Miami friends.

I was happy to help Joanna plan her wedding and finally get a much-needed girls’ trip.
I obviously have not mastered the art of packing. Lea loves to tease me about it. We were there for five days, and since LA is not my second home like Jo and Lea, I had to have options!

I was impressed with Joanna’s California life. She's seems to be in her element. She has a beautiful home, her family, close friends, and zoo there. This is the first time I've ever been to Joanna’s LA home or got to spend this much time with her. We really had a chance to bond. The walls Joanna puts up came down. I especially adore Joanna's mother. She's a strong, smart woman, very down-to-earth. She almost reminds me of my family in Canada. I would love to see her going on dates! She deserves to get pounded like a chicken cutlet every now and again also!

The car ride up to the Aviara Park Hyatt should have had its very own episode. You didn’t even see the whole journey, but it was just us girls bonding, being silly, and getting lost! This is my kind of fun -- lighthearted and silly. The venue Joanna chose was breathtaking. I couldn't imagine a more beautiful fairytale wedding location for Joanna. I was so happy that I could share and be in this moment with Joanna and Lea. Often times in life we forget and don't value the moment
until it becomes a distant memory.

The trip was going so well until the tasting when Joanna sprung the ultimatum on me. Joanna and Adriana's issues have nothing to do with me. For her to give me an ultimatum of whose wedding to be in is childish. I don't engage in conversations behind Joanna or Adriana’s back. I'm not a double agent. I'm a grown woman and no one's going to tell me who to be friends with, let alone whose wedding to be in puh-leasse! I think she has me confused with her sister. Also didn't Joanna and Adriana agree to move forward? In Bimini and in the first episode? When does it end?

Lea's home in LA is absolutely gorgeous. It's definitely more my style and clearly more her style also. Seems that it's Roy and Lenny who prefer the Mediterranean style we both have in Miami. Lea and I both love Birkins. She is a seasoned collector. I know it sounds ridiculous to spend that kind of money on a handbag, but I like to look at them as an investment. They hold their value forever if you take good care of them. Although I have no intention of ever selling my Birkins, many times they are resold for a much higher price. I'm not into buying trendy bags that will eventually go out of style and be worthless if you ever decide you don't want them anymore. I guess you could say these Birkin bags are my very guilty pleasure. there is nothing wrong with appreciating beautiful material things as long as you give back, which my husband and I do. I just don't announce my donations to the world every chance I can. We just do it.

Joanna’s birthday dinner scene started with an outright insult towards her “friends in Miami” in her interview. She said that her friends in LA are very hardworking and accomplished as opposed to her friends in Miami. I did take offense to that. The reason being that Joanna said, “Lisa needs to go get a job and go have a baby,” a few times in the press and in her previous interviews. Now this. It’s getting really old and making her sound bitter, because she constantly repeats it. In this case it clearly is an insult/dig towards me. Very passive aggressive. For the record I would like to clear a few things up. My whole life I have worked very hard. I began working at 14 for my first job at Dairy Queen, then Aldo shoes until 17. I fell into modeling and acting around this time and have done very well for myself. So much so that I was able to come to the States on a visa for my work. I had to struggle and prove myself my whole life. I would sometimes work 3 jobs a day. Since meeting my husband 6 years ago, I felt very lost in Miami as there really wasn't much work for me here. I began a Halloween ball to raise money for Make a Wish humane society where I raised over $200,000 to this date. I am very happy being a wife to my husband, who works so incredibly hard. Taking care of him, taking care of the house, and being his unofficial assistant and social coordinator is a full time job, and I'm happy doing it. That’s really all that matters.

My husband and I are a team. They say behind every good man is a good woman. In the past couple of years being on this show, doing many IVF treatments, and working on my skin care line, which I'm about to launch next month, has taken up so much of my time. I think Joanna should get the facts straight before she says these things that sound so ignorant. She’s not just offending me, but women across the country who are real housewives.One of Joanna’s friends at the dinner said that she bought a puppy and Joanna got very excited for her. Doesn’t make any sense to me that she would get excited considering that she is all about adopting and protecting animals. Seems she treats people differently not by their actions but by who they are.

We've all had relationships in our lives with a group of friends where there has been a falling out with two of them. The best thing we can do as friends is to support each of them individually and not be forced to let go of one or the other. For the record, I wasn't even trying to be a peacemaker at all on this trip. I simply flew across the country to support Joanna in planning her wedding.

Lea quickly rebuffed me when I brought up Joe Francis by saying that he wasn't there to defend himself, but I wasn't trying to attack him at all. I was simply using the scenario as an example of how Joanna doesn't find anything wrong with Lea and Joe Francis’ relationship, but with me and Adriana she has a problem. That’s a double standard.

The fact is if Joanna does not want me to be in her wedding, I simply don't need to be and I could be perfectly happy with just attending as a guest. Whatever her choice I’ll support it, but I won’t be given ultimatums. Period. Thanks for all of your support so far this season! I appreciate all of it! Be sure to look out for my new skincare line launching next month. Details next week!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

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Lisa's Vegas Regret

Lisa reflects on the wild bachelorette party and updates us on her status with Joanna.

Hi everyone! As I'm sure you may know, this week was a bit rough for me. I think with everything I had going on in my personal life at this time, it all caught up to me in Vegas. To start, I was disappointed that Lenny could not attend Joanna and Romain's wedding with me. I of course realize he had surgeries already booked and he could not make any changes.

At the time of the trip, I was very excited to go and celebrate with Joanna at the bachelorette party in Vegas with the rest of the girls. I haven't been on a girls’ trip in ages and looked forward to having fun and letting loose. Unfortunately, I had way too much to drink. Watching the end of this episode had me cringing with embarrassment. I definitely did not realize how much I had to drink and wish I was more self-conscious of my behavior.

Watching the footage on the way back to the hotel, Joanna clearly started the argument with her constant jabs and low blows. Joanna then decided to insult me further by saying I married for money, said I shop 24/7, and called me a stripper. It of course set me off. I then used words I wish I didn't in the heat of the moment. I realize now after watching the whole season, Joanna has consistently thrown jabs my way. I'm not even sure why she asked me to be in her wedding or why I accepted. For the entire season, I had been nothing but nice to her, never spoke behind her back, and thought we had a friendship of some kind. She was very quick to kick me while I was down on that bus in Vegas and showed her true colors.

Although Joanna and I are not friends any longer, her wedding was absolutely beautiful. I wish both her and Romain and long and happy marriage. Unfortunately, I do not believe I should have been a part of it.


I regret going off on Alexia. She was in her own way trying to calm me down and fix the situation. I did not realize it at the time, but Alexia is a great person. This episode was definitely not my best moment on TV. I want to apologize to my husband, friends, family and fans for the way I acted during Vegas. I am human and we all make mistakes. I love to have fun, but not in that way.

At the rehearsal dinner, I revealed to Lea that Lenny and I had chosen a surrogate. I have decided to take a different approach to the way I look at using a surrogate. I realize I am very blessed to have this as an option. We are blessed to have this type of technology in today's world that helps create miracles. My wish is that every family can afford to do this and I hope one day IVF treatments become more affordable. Hopefully one day IVF and surrogacy could be available through care programs to the ones who truly want and need it. I will have more of an update for you after the reunion airs about what is going on with our baby situation.As of today, I have a more active role at my husband's office. We are about to launch our skin care line, Skinfinity, which will be available to buy in his office and online at in a couple of weeks. We are also working on finally tearing down our Star Island home to build the home of our dreams that we designed together.

Over the weekend, we had our 7th annual Halloween Ball to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation where we raised over $50,000. This year’s party was our best yet and I would love to share it with you in the link below! I hope everyone had a safe Halloween!






Thank you for all your support throughout this season and I look forward to remaining in contact with all of you.

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