Lisa Hochstein

Lisa explains why she wanted to have all of the ladies over to hash out their issues.

on Aug 12, 2013

I was a little taken aback when Joanna said she was “busy” when responding to my comments about her not being responsive. I sometimes feel the friendship between me and Joanna is not reciprocated. I understand she is very busy traveling for her career, but we are all busy. When something or someone is important to you, you make the time and effort.

The girls in this group think I'm nuts for trying to be the peacemaker. I realized after this season I probably am with this group of women. I've always been a connector; I have a knack for bringing people together. If you're blessed with the gift that can help people, you use it...or try to. There are also not enough days in the year to hang out with all these women individually. I prefer to see them as a group so I can spend more time with my husband and focus my priorities.

This group is obviously going to be around each other a lot, so I prefer it to be full of happy times rather than stressful times. It’s also not enjoyable have to listen to every side repeatedly. I was disappointed that Lea didn't come, because one of the main reasons I had this get-together is for Adriana and Lea.