Lisa Hochstein

Lisa dishes on getting tipsy with Joanna and the confrontation with Marysol.

on Oct 7, 2013

Just call me Dr. Sex Therapist Lisa Hochstein! Maybe Joanna and I should not have polished off that very large bottle of wine. Then again we had a blast being goofballs. Poor Romain just seemed confused. We should've saved a glass of wine for him! I was touched that Joanna asked me to be her bridesmaid even though we had our ups and downs. I feel that we got a chance to truly bond in LA like never before.

Seeing Joanna and Romain with the therapist made me realize how important it is to seek help when a couple can't figure out what the underlying issues really are. I hope now since they've come to these revelations it will help them become a stronger couple and have a solid marriage.

At Alexia’s birthday Adriana confronted me about being in Joanna’s wedding. This was a surprise to me because a couple of weeks ago at the bridal fitting she asked if I was going to be in Joanna’s wedding and I had made it clear that if she asked, I would accept. That should not have been a shock to her.