Lisa Hochstein

Lisa reveals that she's a big Flo fan.

on Sep 10, 2013

Many times I show up to events, dinners, and social gatherings solo. I know many people think that there's probably trouble in paradise, but it is simply because my husband works so much. Thank God for good girlfriends and gay husbands!

Lea again pulled off a super fabulous gala. This year was exceptional, because she had one of my favorites Flo Rida. I know that's not an easy thing to do being that he is one of the best hip-hop artists in the world. It’s not every day you can get up close and personal at a very private concert with Flo. I know how hard putting together an event is, because my yearly Halloween party to raise money for charities close to our heart is not an easy task. Lea's gala is much bigger at this point being that she has been growing it for 19 years, and it takes much more planning than my Halloween ball.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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