Marysol Patton

Marysol discusses the psychic and her awkward meeting with Lea.

on Sep 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day, I hope you enjoyed your weekend with the ones you love.

At this point in the season my mother has now been in the hospital for two weeks and I am desperate for answers on what the future holds for her regarding life or death. The doctors say the brain is a mystery and every brain heals in its own way and time, if at all. Over the years when mom or I needed mental peace or answers to crisis we were living through, we would call the devout Buddhist that you saw reading my cards. Some people like my mother and the lady on tonight’s episode can see others, but they cannot see for themselves. Over the past 5 years this woman has often read my mom and my mother in return would tell her what she saw for her (the reader). People like my mother and the reader are always asked by pretty much everyone (that is aware they have a gift to see the future) to tell them what they see for them, but no one ever tells the clairvoyants what their futures hold.