Marysol Patton

Marysol thinks Lea's past may explain why she's been so hard on Adriana.

on Sep 16, 2013

I am so happy for Alexia and her family and the progress Frankie is making. Frankie is such a special child -- he is warm, loving, funny, sweet, and extremely considerate. It has been a long road, but seeing his progress from where he began is truly a blessed miracle.

I really enjoyed watching the men come together for the greater good of the group. It is clear that they are able to step outside of their emotions and analyze how to help create peace among the ladies.

As everyone knows I love weddings, especially my own. Every time we go to Gabriella Arango for a fitting, I get so excited to try on all of the beautiful dresses. I assumed we were going to laugh and have a light easy day, just us girls sipping champagne. When Adriana showed us the People magazine article about Lea’s “Secret Marriage” I have to say I was surprised, but then again I quickly said to myself, “Well now everything makes sense.” I have read that people usually despise characteristics in other people that they themselves are guilty of. It is an odd phenomenon, however I think we are all guilty of it at some point or another in our lives.