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The Perfect Dress for Adriana

Marysol was thrilled that Adriana loved the wedding dress she had picked out for her.

As you may have noticed, exercise is not really my thing. In an attempt to help me de-stress, Alexia invited me to take a run with her by the ocean. It really was a glorious morning, and I am grateful to have such a good friend trying to keep me from falling apart. Things with my mom at this point are very touch and go and the support of my friends and family is essential.  Humor and laughter is a wonderful curative element that we should all practice daily. I love to laugh and I love to make those around me laugh, there is nothing better to me.

I enjoy spending time with Alexia and Adriana because we understand one another the majority of the time and we love to laugh and have fun. We understand that life can be very serious and difficult, but the beauty of laughter always helps us escape those thoughts, even if only for a moment.

Adriana asked Alexia and I to be her bridesmaids, and I of course was so thrilled because it was my first time ever being a bridesmaid!  Oh how I love weddings, especially my own! The first order of business as a bridesmaid was to recommend the best wedding dress designer I know, Gabriella Arango. I had previously been by the store and picked something really special out that was perfect for Adriana, and thank goodness she loved it too. It was a bitter sweet day as my mother really wanted to be a part of picking the wedding dress. Obviously, mom was unable to join us, but we honored her with a toast of champagne and sent her good energy. My mother had spent many months over the past year talking to Adriana about the wedding and how she wanted to participate not only by being physically present, but spiritually by sharing personal items with Adriana that were beloved to her.

I felt that in mom’s absence I needed to carry out her wishes and help this ceremony happen the way she envisioned it. That is how we began the planning of the ceremony of Frederic and Adriana.