Alex McCord NJ

Alex talks weave pulls, law school drama, the magic (and mayhem) of reality TV, and more.

on Jul 12, 2010


I need a glass of red wine before I can even begin writing this blog. Chianti is appropriate, I think, because if things get any more heated we're going to need a side order of fava beans and someone's liver to go with that. Oh my Jersey girls ... what is going ON? Holy hair-weave-on-a-head. Well, off a head, as it turns out. WOW. I was with Caroline, Teresa and Jacqueline earlier this week and because my blog was an episode behind didn't discuss any of this, but I have to say my jaw was on the floor in places. But before we get to the hair pulling...

Caroline is in such pain with Albie's law school situation, and I understand that completely. If it were one of my sons, I’d want to sue the school. Why wasn't he able to get the support he needed for his learning disability? Clearly at least one person at the school knew he needed it. If, with services, grades didn’t improve, that's one thing. If no help was available, that’s another. Given that assistance was available but Albie was not able to receive it, there’s no opportunity for improvement and that isn’t fair. Part of me wants to say more about this but I’m going to hold off for now. One thing I will say though, is that the tenacity Albie has displayed in working through this is a good quality to have if you’re a lawyer.

What the heck happened in Posche? Sidebar, can I just say that every time I type that I mistype Porsche? Is that meant to be subliminal? She doesn't sell cars. Anyway....Danielle walked into the boutique and didn't recognize the girl behind the desk. Here's what we don't know – how long she stood there while the girl was on the phone. Here’s what we do know – Danielle slapped her bag down on the counter and looked impatient. I've answered my share of phones at various college jobs, and if someone slapped their bag on the desk in a huff and it wasn't Hillary Clinton or Isaac Mizrahi, bag slapping would not make me get off the phone faster. If someone is on the phone and signals to you that they'll be with you in a moment, that doesn't automatically make them rude or disrespectful. That makes them a multitasker. In Danielle's world, multitasking is apparently offensive.

Here's my favorite moment of episode 9 – the 6,000 expressions crossing Albert's face when Caroline asked him to retire. When you get a reaction like that, it's reality TV magic, and when they went out to dinner, I understood completely Caroline's rationale that she wouldn't cancel plans with her husband to get involved in nonsense. That's why I always had Simon with me in season one! Speaking of Caroline, I was really proud that she had an open mind about the Posche fashion show and suggested that the girls go ahead and attend. It would be nice if all the girls could be at an event and smile, nod and walk away. Of course then they wouldn’t want to film it.