Alex McCord NJ

Alex talks expensive parties, OB GYN appointments, mommy searches, and screaming matches.

on Aug 3, 2010


There were no surprises tonight. Drama? Oh yes, there was a lot of drama. But everyone behaved pretty much exactly as I’d expect given the circumstances.

Teresa threw a christening and Joe was cranky – rewinding to autumn of 2009 when this would have been filmed it’s no wonder he wasn’t thrilled about the expense of the party. I do understand wanting your baby to be a star for a day, but ice sculptures? Maybe I’m being cranky too, but I just don’t like ice sculptures. Or long christening dresses. Or baby buggys with gauze. Or huge parties that look expensive when the financial wolves must have been howling at the door. Joe clearly wasn’t happy. OK, here’s what I did like about the party. Liked everyone crying over the first dance – that was the best part of it for me and when Joe softened up too. I loved seeing Dina, and seeing everyone fussing over the baby, including her big sisters. Also enjoyed seeing Christopher handle his first big event.

Taking your daughter to the OB GYN is a great thing to do, though probably that wasn’t really the first time she’d been to the doc – isn’t 13 or 14 about right? The one thing I’d say is that telling a kid to abstain when there is no cultural or religious precedent is a hard sell. Hope there was more to the conversation than that.

Can we discuss for a moment why Kim G. has sweeping camera shots of her house? I thought only housewives had those….hmm…. After the sweeping shot, we are treated to her asking Christopher to broker a lunch date with Caroline. Why? How shortsighted is that? Sure, it’s a great idea for a mother to interrupt her son’s pool match and ask his long time friend about why his mother won’t have lunch with you. What’s more important, letting the son have his friendship or her need to be in the middle? Or is it just her need for camera time? Why do people pleasers always need to be liked? When you realize you can’t please everyone, the feeling of relief is very pleasant.

Onto the birth mother search. I don’t think any adoptee searching for their biological mom should assume it’s going to be happy and heartwarming, or a breakthrough. I sincerely hope Danielle doesn’t attach too much feeling to that and get her heart broken.