Alex McCord NJ

Real Housewives of New York City star Alex McCord gives her take on the Jersey Girls.

on May 4, 2010


Ever hear the myth that New Yorkers pretend they don’t know where New Jersey is? Well, this Brooklynite does – and last night Simon and I were at the Brownstone to celebrate the beginning of the season with most of the cast. We met so many Housewives fans that I lost count. We never even made it to the step and repeat, although we DID sample the food, which was great.

So, what do we think so far? I was glad that Jacqueline shared her home video of Nicholas’ birth, but have to ask…were the Sirens singing that day? ;-) Either way the footage looked great.

Next, it’s over to tomato time at the Giudice’s. I loved this scene – random trivia about our family is that we make Bolognese sauce once a month and freeze it – a big production the boys call "making dead cow sauce." Anyway, I can totally imagine Teresa screaming to herself, the baby is coming in two weeks, I HAVE TO MAKE THE TOMATOES!! No comment on the feminine hygiene discussion. Except to snicker. Just a little. Good on them – looked like a fun day.

Next, Danielle takes her daughters to Posche for after-school shopping. Fairly innocuous scene, until later, but let’s continue on the school front back to Teresa’s house. Cute girls, fabulous girls, running around with curls flying – I love that they packed their lunches. I kind of wanted to call all the organic snack companies Simon and I love for the boys and say, PLEASE send them some organic fruit squeezers, veggie straws and cheddar bunnies for the kiddos…not so much sugar! Though who am I to judge, I let my boys eat chocolate on TV season 1. Anyway…

Danielle confesses to the Father and advice is given – I appreciated the scene but felt like it was a little stilted from the priest’s end; how could anyone who gets to the point of being filmed for RHONJ not know at least part of the back story?