Ashley Holmes

Ashley talks about the hair pull, her relationship with the Manzos, and rising above the negativity.

on Jul 23, 2010


How funny are my cousins? Eggs! I love how they all interact with one another. On a side note, the whole thing with Albie, I hate seeing him and my Aunt Caroline upset. However, knowing Albie, I know that he will come out of all of this on top. I have faith in him.

Every time I watch an episode where Derek makes an appearance, I laugh because I can tell he isn't used to the cameras yet. How sweet is he though? He's so freakin' adorable. He is always the voice of reason. I feel bad watching that scene, you can tell he was trying to talk some sense into me, but my mind was somewhere else. I don't like Danielle, and that will probably never change. I have every reason to not like her. My issue is that I wanted and still want people to see Danielle for who she really is. What I have learned is that in the same way that you can't make everyone like you, I can't make everyone not like her. I just have to have faith and pray that karma takes hold of her. Hey Danielle, "Karma is a bigger bitch than I'll ever be." On a side note, when I said extensions were thousands, I meant the upkeep can cost thousands. Depending on the quality of the hair extensions, they are generally in the hundreds.

I was laughing during the whole scene of Danielle having lunch with her buddies. Her behavior really blows my mind. She really is just one big joke to me. My mom's blogs always cover almost everything that I want to say, so in case you haven't read hers yet, here's a clip from it:

"What was that Danielle said, 'Likes attracts like' while she was sitting in front of two troublemaking ex-cons? Interesting. Hello, my daughter was born to me. You picked the company you keep Danielle. That comment she made did not make sense. I also noticed that when Danny said that if he saw the fight, he would have been back in jail and she condoned that remark. What would he have done to us Danielle that would have put him back in jail? So you hang out with people who believe in fighting violence with violence? THAT is what you are teaching your children? Wow! Interesting. Love and light, Danielle. When Danielle said that she hopes Ashley isn't listening to the advice around her, I hope she feels foolish now after seeing the advice we gave her and prays that Ashley DOES take our advice. By the way, I took the same self-defense class that Danielle did except that I'm certified; I didn't just take just one class for TV. How funny would THAT battle be? It would be like a rock, paper, scissors match! Eyes! Throat! Knee! LOL! 'All it takes is one good smack to the head to make a person never walk again.' Was that another threat Danielle, caught on video again? EEks! Don't make me press charges against you Danielle, and the 'coke whore' comment, that's defamation of character and emotional distress. You wanna play? Let's play!

Danielle mentioned how she used to do so much for Ashley. What a joke! She drove her to school ONE time! Ashley never talked to her about anything. She always used to get mad at Danielle for trying to intrude into her business. I wish she would stop with her fabricated stories. I, on the other hand, fell into her scam and did a LOT for her and her children. I bought them food, clothes, toys, etc. I even gave them school clothes and supplies. I never once got a thank you either."