Ashley Holmes

Ashley talks about the hair pull, her relationship with the Manzos, and rising above the negativity.

on Jul 23, 2010


If you want to read the rest of it, go read her blog if you haven't already. She sums all of my thoughts up PERFECTLY. Everything my mom is 100% right. Danielle is such a nut job. I really am over it. She said I would call her for “every single solitary part of my day." Really? WHAT A JOKE. I would never call Danielle, let alone call her over my family. As far as me using her tanning bed, well let me ask you this, would you lay somewhere where Danielle’s sweaty, naked body has been? Yeah, didn’t think so. Also, did I miss the part where I "pulled Danielle's hair out and held it up in the air and bragged about it." Seriously? Why would she even tell them that?

Also, I would like to address a comment that I have gotten from some "haters," who claim, "The Manzos aren't your real family." Even Danielle said something similar. Let me tell you where I stand, and if people still have the same opinion afterward, then fine. I have known my step dad since I was 5 years old. I don't have many memories of my life before him. I've been around his family just as long. When I moved to New Jersey when I was in fifth grade, I was around his family all the time. Yeah, there were nerves, similar to a newlywed meeting their spouse's family. The Manzos made me feel welcome right away. I am very close with them. I don't feel that just because I was "married in" to the family, that they aren't my family. My step dad is my second DAD. I call him Dad, not Chris. He has gone above and beyond for me all of my life and so have the rest of his family. What is a real family anyway? Are you people trying to tell me that if someone is adopted, that isn't their real family? I wasn't adopted, but I might as well have been. The Manzos are my real family. I also have a step brother who is 12 years old. I have known him since he was not even 2. He is my BROTHER. I don't look at him as if he isn't my "real" family. Thinking that way is so ridiculous. People need to stop being so ignorant.

I was happy to see Albie get the letter he wanted. Like I said before, I know he'll do well in life. He will come out of all of this stronger and on top.

How cute were Teresa's kids making the pizza? "You're the best pizza guy." HAHA! LOVE THEM!

The scene with my mom and my Aunt Caroline was unsettling for me to watch. I acted very immaturely, and I still do at times. However, I have grown a lot since filming. I just hope once this season is over, we can all move on from the negativity of last year. Danielle makes it hard for me to do so. I act in ways I shouldn't at times, and I'm not going to make excuses for myself.

As for Danielle at the court house, haha well, honestly I had a lot to say originally, but I am legitimately sick of talking about her. So I think I'll just quote my mom's blog again:

"When Danielle stood outside the courtroom and said that Ashley yelled, 'I'll get her' before pulling her hair and that somebody yelled, 'I'll kill her,' both statements were lies. In the actual courtroom, when my husband was there, Danielle ACTUALLY told the judge that Ashley said BOTH of those things to her right before ripping her hair out. She committed perjury, as if the truth of Ashley admitting to the hair pull wasn't enough.

I also wanted to say thank you sooo much Danielle for being so worried and concerned with saving my daughter's future that you did her a favor and saved her and protected the safety of others by pressing charges against her. I could see your fear of her vicious hair pull possibly leading her down a dark and scary, dangerous path to becoming a kidnapping, drug dealing, drug using, prostitute who gets caught up with the Colombian cartel, holds someone for ransom and beats someone with a 9mm gun. Yes, I can totally see your point. It could happen. I would never want that. Thank you for possibly stopping her from growing up to be a back stabbing, pathological lying, husband stealing, desperate, dangerous, narcissistic, people using, contradicting, hypocrite, martyr, con artist, slut. I appreciate your efforts. I'll quote you when I say, one day you'll see, 'Karma is a bigger bitch than I'll ever be.'"

Well said mama, well said.