Ashley Holmes

Ashley talks about the hair pull, her relationship with the Manzos, and rising above the negativity.

on Jul 23, 2010


On that note, who caught Watch What Happens Live? Danielle's little dance? WOW. Just WOW. Classy. Poor Andy. Also, how weird was Danielle on the show? So phony. As for Jeff, I totally understand his opinion of me, and even though I don't think he likes me very much, I still think he's handsome and I love him! Haha! However, I think my mom might be confused about his comment about me, considering they had just recently gone out to dinner. Hmm. OH WELL! Big thanks to everyone who voted in the poll! 80%?! WOW! I LOVE YOU ALL! xoxox

Before I end this thing, here is an update on my benefit for To Write Love On Her Arms. I found a venue for the event, I am just waiting on a few email responses. ALSO, I have some great bands lined up to play! I'm so excited to get this going. I hope everything works out as planned. For more updates on the event, or my life in general, follow me on Twitter at @_ashleyholmes or find me on Facebook. Thank you all for the kind words and support!

Until we meet again,
xoxo Ashley