Ashley Holmes

Ashley talks about her argument with her mom and card night with the boys (and her boyfriend!)

on Jun 15, 2010


OK so I don't have too much to say about Episode 7. I'll try to cover most of the important scenes.

Well, it starts off with the continuing altercation between my Aunt Dina and Danielle. I don't even want to fully comment on this because I could go on forever. Bottom line: I think Danielle is a joke. My Aunt Dina had every right to do/say what she did. My "favorite" part of the fight (besides the fake hair comment, LOL!) was when Danielle said "I'M NOT DISPOSABLE." Well sweetie, that's what happens to garbage. It still makes me sick to my stomach to think that while my Aunt Dina showed up alone, Danielle had not only one but two of her thugs hiding outside! Ugh.

I’m very happy with how my Aunt Dina handled herself. Although I'm sad (as I'm sure all of you are) that my Aunt Dina is leaving this season, I completely understand her decision. She wants to stay away from all of the drama and toxicity that certain people on this show bring. I don't blame her at all.

I love pumpkin picking (and don't forget all the apples and berries too!) They have a fun corn maze and a bunch of cute animals! My favorite time to go is during Octoberfest! YUM! such good food and so much fun! We always have a good time there. We look forward to going every year. The best part about this year was that Derek got to come! He had so much fun with us. He loves my family and they love him. I was so excited and nervous when the boys asked him to come to the card game. I knew that it meant that they were ready to fully accept him. I wish they showed more from that day, we had a lot of fun.

Really quick comment about this scene - how cute is my mom when she was like, "Oooo, pie!" HAHAHA! I love her so much. Oh my gosh I also loved Aunt Dina's imitation, "I'M NOT CRAZY!" I love my family.

Kim G. I don't know what to say really except that I know you have a good heart, you just need to break free from Danielle and all of the negative energy that follows her. It's not cool that you've been so two-faced - it isn't like you. I hope this plays out better for you. I guess we'll see.

DUN DUN DUN. THE CARD GAME. I wasn't THAT terrified for Derek. What people need to understand is that my family has a very, uh, interesting sense of humor, so I just didn't want Derek to take offense to anything they were going to do or say. I thought I prepped him pretty well for it though! Yeah, they hazed him as I expected, but I thought he handled himself well, don't you think?