Bethenny Frankel

It's only the second episode, but NYC's Bethenny Frankel is lovin' the NJ wives.

on May 20, 2009

Jacqueline: She is a sweet, sweet, sweet woman who seems to have struggled and finally has almost everything she wants. Her husband doesn’t seem to be around much. I feel terrible about her misfortunes with pregnancy and can’t know how hard it is to have such a panic-filled experience. However, her daughter makes a great point that she has 2 kids, a boy and a girl and is lucky. Still, who could be upset at her? It was strange that she let a camera crew film a doctor meeting but wouldn’t let her daughter be there. I think she didn’t want her daughter to experience this.

Caroline: She is the greatest: Tough, sweet, loyal and surely the fan favorite. I love the non-contrived, nor overly dramatic dinner. I love her goofy, yet smart son, her ditzy, not-so-motivated daughter, her cuddly teddy bear husband and her sausage, pepper and potato dinner. She tries to give her children direction, you just know she knows right from wrong and this woman is a lion who would kill for her cubs.

In a bizarre twist of surprises to me, this cast is wildly entertaining, absurd and ridiculous at times, but I get the distinct sense that this is exactly who they are. They aren’t being overly dramatic for ratings. This is who these compelling characters are. Bravo to Bravo. I am in.