Bethenny Frankel

How would Bethenny feel if Danielle was her castmate? Find out.

on Jun 10, 2009

Atlantic city girls weekend. Teresa is a riot with enough clothes to fill up a dry cleaner. I am obsessive compulsive about only ever having carry-on luggage even on a week long trip, so Teresa's weekend wardrobe gave me anxiety. The other girls are sweet in just calling her a Barbie doll. I would be like, “For the love of god, get ready. Let’s relax by the pool.” The family theme prevails, and it is very sweet that she hates leaving her family. I don’t love that she uses gifts, lip gloss and cell phones to quiet her girls down when crying on the phone, but I can’t speak of things that I really do not know. My dog barks and I run to give her a greenie. Hopefully, I’ll be more disciplined with a daughter. Her husband redeemed himself for me this episode. He was loving: “Happy wife, happy life.” He brought his wife flowers for the boobie job and he seems lovable with the little girls. She did need the implants, and I’m glad she didn’t go massive. She really does have a great figure. She is currently pregnant. I wonder if that was intentional. I would think she would have gotten implants after she had her third child. Congrats to her. She really does enjoy being a mother and adore your girls.

By the way, I stayed at The Water Club last weekend in their exact suite. That hotel really is phenomenal. Speaking of figures, I think Danielle has a beautiful figure, a really pretty face, and I don’t think her breasts are too big. Caroline is their cast member with the token G boobs. That’s a lot to carry around, but she seems like she can handle it. Thinking of her in the gym makes me realize she could kick some serious ass. She had a few great one-liners. I love when she was talking about their friend who came to Atlantic City. She said, “She didn’t give me any reason to dislike her.” Way to come from a place of no. I fell off my couch when she said she could get hit by a bus tomorrow and how she wished she would have had that freaking piece of cheesecake when she saw that bus coming. She seems unconcerned with anything material and just loves her family. Everyone loves Caroline.

I think that Jacqueline has a serious dilemma with the Danielle situation, and given that it is a very new friend, they won’t be bosom buddies any longer. Danielle is delusional in calling her a sister. They literally met when they started filming. Danielle craves love and acceptance, which is why she has been engaged so many times and endures a self-destructive relationship with that seemingly sleazy younger man. We’ll get to Danielle in a bit. Let’s stick with Jacqueline. Why was she so insistent upon making her daughter be comfortable while holding a black sheer piece of fabric in a photo shoot? Why is a car dangling over her if she expresses herself freely for a camera? That was confusing. The girl is in high school. Pressuring her about schoolwork is one thing. Modeling is another. That was confusing, and I happened to think that the photos didn’t do her justice. This seemed like a manufactured scene just to have something to shoot together.