Caroline Manzo

Caroline talks Teresa and Joe's anniversary, Ashley's flippant behavior, and Albie's new career.

on Jul 27, 2010


Hello again, episode 12, time is flying by, and we're still going strong thanks to all of you. Just wanted to give you all a well-deserved shout out for watching every week. I APPRECIATE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.

OK, let's get down to business. I think I’ll begin with Teresa and Joe playing Monopoly with the "ripped" board. How cute are those kids? I loved it when Gabriella told Joe that he should buy Teresa flowers and chocolates for their anniversary. Joe is constantly hugging and kissing those girls, they have him completely wrapped around their little fingers. They are Daddy’s girls for sure. My favorite line of the whole anniversary scene was Joe's, "The Hamptons are closed."

FANTASTIC. Wait a minute, I just remembered the poem that was great too. Teresa wanted to be "wowed" and I think Joe went above and beyond. As Teresa says, "Love is, everyone has eyes, F it, Joe is hot." Happy Anniversary guys, many, many more. Xoxo.

I just want to give a quick "way to go" mention to Jillian for stepping out of her comfort zone and singing in front of everyone. She was absolutely adorable. Good for her.

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley. What are we going to do with you?

As I watch week after week I am looking for a glimmer of remorse. I'm beginning to lose hope. I have to admit, we made huge strides today. I'm not sure how many of you have Facebook or tweet, but Ashley was giving live commentary throughout the episode. She acknowledged the fact that her behavior was out of line and she was embarrassed by it. Guess what? I'll take it. Hopefully as the episodes unfold Ashley will learn a very valuable lesson. As reality show participants we have the unique opportunity to view ourselves from the outside looking in. I'm hoping that Ashley will look at her behavior along with her attitude towards Jacqueline and make a conscious effort to move in a positive direction. I said it before, and I'll say it again. I see good in Ashley, I've been pretty accurate in my observations so far. Hey Ashley, if you're reading this don't disappoint me, I have faith in you, make me proud. Xoxo.