Caroline Manzo

Caroline talks Ashley's rash behavior, Albie's dream to become an attorney, and more.

on Jul 19, 2010


OK, we're in the kitchen again!!! Breakfast with the kids is always entertaining. I sometimes feel like a short order cook having orders barked out to me. I'm sure most of you can relate! However, I have to admit, there have been many, many times when Al, Christopher, and Lauren have been on the receiving end of those orders. (Notice I didn't mention Albie, that boy has no interest in cooking!) To be totally honest, I sometimes wish I was the only one doing the cooking because the mess that crew makes is not worth the time off!

Lauren and Christopher work with Al at The Brownstone and have been there for a while. Albie used to work there before he went away to college so he is very familiar with the routine. While Albie was an undergrad at Fordham University he interned for a very high profile NY Criminal Defense Attorney, as well as a very successful NJ firm the summer before entering law school. Once he started law school it was decided that Albie needed to give his full attention to school and therefore school would be his only "job." I can understand where Albie's reluctance to help out at The Brownstone comes from. In his mind that would be considered a failure, running to daddy to be his safety net. Allow me to explain something to you, that's ridiculous. If there's one thing Albert and I have always taught our kids it's the value of a good day's work and having a very strong work ethic. In our world there's no such thing as being the boss's son/daughter. You work hard, you respect everyone, and you get paid the same as everyone else. No better, no worse. Keep on watching, this isn't over yet.

I know many of you were probably having a stroke when I told Albie I'd follow him to school. RELAX!!! JOKING!!! That's what we do in our house, get used to it!!! Let's not forget that Albie went to college and lived away from home for four years. Guess what? I survived!!! Whatever Albie needs to do, and wherever this road takes him, I will support him 100%. I may not love it, but I will support it. I do agree with Albert however, sunny, golf courses, and oceans would be great for visitation purposes!

Finally, I feel the need to address some comments regarding Albie's story. We've received thousands of letters supporting Albie from men, women, and even children from all over the world in all walks of life. I've heard from executives, doctors, lawyers, writers, politicians, teachers, students, mothers, fathers, etc., etc., etc. Some told me of their struggles with learning disabilities and how they were told the same thing Albie was, and now they are living their dreams in spite of what they were told. I've received letters from children as young as ten years old saying they learned from watching Albie that even if they have a learning disability, they can still go to college. There were letters from people going through the exact same thing at the exact same moment, and watching Albie gave them the courage to keep on following the dream.