Caroline Manzo

Caroline talks Ashley's rash behavior, Albie's dream to become an attorney, and more.

on Jul 19, 2010


For every 500 letters there was one or two that weren't so kind. These are the people I need to address. There were many assumptions made as to whether or not Albie studied hard enough, or if he decided to "brand himself" with a learning disability as an excuse for failure. There were some who said that Albie didn't have what it takes to be an attorney. Albie had his first IEP at the age of 11. He has been taking advantage of special services throughout his academic career, starting in middle school and continuing through high school and his undergrad studies at Fordham University. After exhausting every effort to receive accommodations in law school, Albie took it upon himself to go to our family doctor who referred him to a psychologist and together they made the decision to put Albie on Adderall. He has proven himself to be extremely dedicated and committed to achieving his goals and dreams. Just for the record, Albie missed the GPA by 87 thousandths of one point. I would have to imagine that had he been given the services he requested, I wouldn't be telling this story right now.

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