Caroline Manzo

Caroline talks empty chairs, the ham game, and Albie's role as protective big bro!

on May 11, 2010


When I spoke about Danielle's children, it was not a direct dig to the children at all. I would never, never speak poorly about anyone's children. That's just not my style; it's not my way. I was merely reflecting on Danielle as a parent. She needs to be aware that the things she says and does are clearly affecting her children. I've always said that Danielle's girls are beautiful. She has every reason to be proud of them. In spite of all they're going through, I hope that they thrive and have wonderful lives, because they are truly beautiful kids.

The Ham Game. There's nothing good about the ham game. But I will say that watching my kids makes me smile. As much as I HATE the ham game, they make me laugh.

Ohhh the puffy chucky. Speaks for itself. I can't...

I loved watching Gia at her Fashion Week audition. Gia has a larger than life personality and so much confidence. The confidence that exudes from that little 8-year-old body is amazing. She totally rocked the walk!

I completely understand where Albie and Vito are coming from. They both have very valid points. Albie is worried about his sister; he's in full protection mode. He loves his sister and that's what is important. He wants her to be happy above all else. But if Vito and Lauren's relationship doesn't work out, Albie not only loses a friend, but his sister is heartbroken by a friend. It's a very difficult line to walk. But Albie has to recognize that Vito makes Lauren very, very happy, and ultimately Lauren decides who she dates. Albie has to let the chips fall where they may. My children need to work it out themselves; it's between a brother and a sister. But trust me, all went well!