Caroline Manzo

What does Caroline have to say about her scuffle with Jacqueline, Joe's gay comment, and Danielle's reputation? Find out!

on Jun 24, 2009

I'm not sure where to go with this blog. It seems redundant to discuss things that have already been addressed. I guess I will just touch on the new issues.

First, Jacqueline and the PUNCH - true story. Jacqueline's hormones were in a rage shortly after giving birth to CJ. I said it before and I'll say it again: We are an extremely close family. When one calls, we all come running. It was an ugly day, an ugly time for all concerned. We are the type of family that addresses everything head on, no holds barred. We dealt with it, listened, understood, and apologized. All is forgiven, and quite frankly, forgotten. I will say it again - Jacqueline and I have a tremendous relationship. It is based on mutual respect and love. We are fine.

Teresa found herself having to defend Joe's "gay" comment. I would agree, that there is certainly room for someone to take offense to it. However, I've known Joe and Teresa for a long time. This was not done with malice. I have a gay brother, I wasn't offended by it.

The bottom line is people were hurt, and Teresa apologized on Joe's behalf, which was the right thing to do.