Caroline Manzo

Caroline describes the events that transpired between her family and Danielle at The Brownstone benefit.

on May 31, 2010

7. The Entourage. Why? Why would you bring that many people, unannounced? How dare you subject everyone in that room to the chaos that ensued due to your actions? I’m not even going to comment on who they were, or where they came from. Danielle was proud to be “with them.” Enough said.

8. Think back – Danielle made it a point to go to as many people as she could to state that she was there with a group of “protectors” ensuring the fact that no one was going to mess with her or throw her out. The very first people she mentioned this to were Emanuela’s mother and father – again, planting a seed.

9. Now let's talk about the table situation. Think back – she was told that she was seated at “The Preakness” table. THERE WAS A SEAT FOR HER. There were no seats for her entourage, people that Danny arranged to “escort” her into the building. These people were unexpected, did not pay, and had no tickets. Again, CALCULATED … Danielle made a grand entrance with them, making a statement, that she was “protected." She then proceeded to tell anyone that would listen that her “guests” did not have a table and the Manzos intentionally did it. NOTE – even though these people had not paid, came unannounced, and clearly looking for trouble, a table was set up for them and they were accommodated. Danielle chose to ignore that fact. Think back – do you remember Danny saying he went down into the office and told them to put a f’ing table up? He then stated that they were up there scurrying around putting the table up. He never went down to the office, that was a lie. What isn’t a lie is the fact that a table was put up for them.

10. The most disgusting part of this for me was watching Danielle laughing at “the guys” as they argued with the hosts of the event, causing an absolute commotion, saying, “This is how they rolled.” I was repulsed to see her laughing and posing for pictures while in the background on the television screen there was a huge photo of baby Emanuela. It turned my stomach.