Caroline Manzo

Caroline describes the events that transpired between her family and Danielle at The Brownstone benefit.

on May 31, 2010

As I watched the show it became increasingly obvious to me that Danielle’s intent was to cause a scene at The Brownstone. From the very beginning.

1. Let's go back to the scene where Kim G. tells Danielle that Christopher may be at the Valet station when they arrive. Danielle plants a seed, saying, “Really, maybe we’ll be turned away at the door.”

2. Upon arriving in the Bentley, Danielle makes a statement that Christopher saw the Bentley and is running away. Again, antagonistic remark, planting seeds.

3. The biggest disgrace of them all – THINK BACK. Look at how SINCERE Danielle appeared when greeting Christopher. Thank you for allowing me into YOUR HOME for such a wonderful cause … CALCULATING.

4. Then we have her interview where she blatantly states that it was her intention from the very beginning, her F-U to my son, MY SON to make him watch her walk into HIS HOUSE … and it felt good.

5. As Kim and Danielle entered the ballroom they were laughing at how Christopher “ran away” from them. Think back – in my conversation with Jacqueline and Teresa, I told them that I asked Christopher not to engage in any conversation with her. He was doing what I asked him to do. I will say that I am proud of the way Christopher handled himself. He was professional, and a gentleman. I would expect nothing less from him.

6. Let's talk about Christopher’s “surprise” comment. Again, sorry to be redundant, but think back – Christopher explained to Kim G that they were overdressed for the event in front of the building, before they walked in the door. He made it very clear what he meant by “a big surprise.” I found Danielle’s interview to be interesting … how could she comment on how Christopher enunciated “big surprise” when she wasn’t even there?