Caroline Manzo

Caroline describes the events that transpired between her family and Danielle at The Brownstone benefit.

on May 31, 2010

As we go into week six, I need to point out one very significant fact. Week after week you have heard Danielle say how she needs protection against us. Again, for the record, I’ve never threatened anyone in my life. For the last time, THINK BACK – Danielle has made direct threats to each and every one of us, starting last season at the reunion show and continuing to this very day.

I need to close with one final thought – my sincerest apologies to baby Emanuela and her family. I’d like to take this opportunity to ask those of you who are reading this to visit Emanuela’s website - This foundation was launched to help the Stillianasis family with the financial burden of Emanuelas medical bills. I’m thrilled to say that Emanuela is in remission, but she has a long road ahead of her in strengthening her immune system to what it once was. The Stillianasis family recognizes that they have been blessed with the support of many, and want to build this foundation in the hopes of helping other families in need.