Caroline Manzo

Caroline describes the heartache she felt over Albie's law school rejection.

on Jun 21, 2010


Hello again! I'm sitting here blogging on an absolutely gorgeous Saturday evening, now that's dedication! Don't ever let it be said that I don't love my fans. Look at the sacrifices I make for you! LOL, KIDDING! I'm going out to dinner as soon as I finish writing.

OK, let's start with my LaLa. As I watched this scene two things struck me. First was the difference in Lauren’s appearance from last season to this season. Wow! Secondly, and most importantly, is Lauren's attitude. If you recall, Lauren was kind of "iffy" about pursuing a career in cosmetology. I'm proud to say that she not only graduated from Artistic Academy, but continued her education by going to Make-Up Designory (MUD) in Manhattan. While at MUD Lauren took courses in Runway, Print, Fashion, Television, Movie, & Air Brush Makeup application. She is now a full-fledged makeup artist and has already done makeup for television, print, and bridal. That's my girl. I wanted to surprise her in school for Avante Garde day and show my support. She spent the entire night before practicing (Albert and I let her use us as models, you read right, I said Albert!) Lauren told us she was nervous and wanted to do a good job. I knew I would be in the city the next day for a lunch date, so I thought a hug from mom would do the trick. As I peeked in the room and watched Lauren it hit me that she had finally found her passion. She looked confident, happy, and comfortable in her surroundings. What more could I ask for? We actually laugh about how she was "forced" into going to school. Sometimes children don't have the confidence in themselves to pursue their dreams. I believe that it is our job as parents to recognize these passions and talents and give them the little "push" they need. It's like the momma bird watching her baby fly out of the nest and flap their wings for the first time ... the feeling is PRICELESS.

My heart went out to Jacqueline when she started to cry as she explained to Ashley that she wasn’t her enemy. I feel like Jacqueline is constantly apologizing to Ashley. I agreed when Chris told Jacqueline that he expects Ashley to start respecting them NOW, not SOME DAY. I get where Jacqueline is coming from, I really do, and I love her for it. She just wants a peaceful relationship with Ashley. Guess what? You can’t let the inmates run the jail. Instead of asking Ashley if the rules were acceptable to her, Jacqueline should have said, "These are my rules in my house, take them or leave them. There are no other options." No worries, Jacqueline’s getting a handle on things, and I have faith in a happy ending with those two.

How cute were Teresa and Joe at the housewarming party? It was a happy night for them and I was glad to be a part of it. I could not believe how rude that party planner was! For once I agree with The Countess: "Money can’t buy you class."