Caroline Manzo

Caroline describes the heartache she felt over Albie's law school rejection.

on Jun 21, 2010


OK, time to talk about the two Kims. What was the one thing Teresa stressed on the phone to Jacqueline? She didn’t want to mention a certain topic, right? I thought I was hearing things! Both Kim G. and Kim D. knew how Teresa felt, and frankly I thought it was out of line for two reasons. First, the obvious, you were invited at the eleventh hour out of pity, and you completely disregard your host's one request. Secondly, why would you fuel the fire? This is a kid you’re talking to! You claim to be Jac's friend, then you corner her daughter and proceed to interrogate her? Why? I could sense Ashley getting a little tense, and I wanted to put out the fire before it got out of control. Next I get pulled over to be told of Jacqueline’s "obsession." I don’t know about you, but I think the pot was calling the kettle black on that one! Wait! I almost forgot about Kim D. and her cameo appearance during Teresa’s speech. I still don’t know how that happened! One minute Teresa was thanking everyone and the next minute, BAM! KIM D. I felt like I was on the Gong show, I was waiting for the hook to come out. Not only did Kim interrupt Teresa’s speech, she took the microphone and made her own! Who does that!? Teresa was great about it, I think it's because she's so nice ... right? Ain't she? Ain’t she a nice person? LOL, I love her, I really, really do.

OK, now I need to talk about Albie. For those that are parents out there, I'm sure you knew exactly what I meant when I said how badly you feel when your child hurts. I really can’t disclose too much of the story, it plays out over the next few episodes, so I’ll just talk about tonight. Albie has been classified since he was in Junior High School. He’s always struggled academically, but he persevered and overcame many obstacles with the help of his Special Education teachers and support at home. The one thing Albie never did was give up. As a high school senior he was told not to apply to Fordham University as an undergrad. His counselor didn't think Albie had what it took to get in, and even if he did get in, he'd never make it. I was at that meeting with Albie; I thanked the counselor and we excused ourselves from her office. When we got in the car I looked at Albie and told him to never let anyone tell him he can’t do anything. If you have the heart and desire to work it will happen. Albie applied to Fordham University. Al and I told him to make an appointment for an interview with the application committee. Although his grades were average, after meeting Albie and reviewing his records, he was accepted. Albie graduated with a BA in business from Fordham University in May of 2008. If you look back at the scene when Albie is at his desk, you’ll see two bulletin boards. On those bulletin boards are affirmations that he’s collected over the years on succeeding and overcoming obstacles. While he was away at school he would read them every day. On the lower board there is a picture of the Fordham Graduates throwing their caps in the air. Albie is in the second row. Can you imagine hearing your child tell you that they feel worthless?

I am not that mother that thinks my children deserve to have the world handed to them. I’m quite the opposite; I believe everything in life is earned, especially with my kids. To spoil your child and pave their way in life is the biggest disservice you could do. They will never survive once you're gone. Albie deserved to be in that school. He deserved the chance to be heard. He certainly didn't deserve to be told he wasn't smart enough and didn't belong. No one deserves to hear that, especially from someone who teaches. More to come,  WATCH WHAT HAPPENS!

P.S. To my kids - if any of you are reading this, Mom and Dad are very proud of each of you and love you more than anything. :o)

As always, thank you for watching. See you next week!