Caroline Manzo

Caroline breaks her silence and speaks out about her conflict with Danielle.

on Jun 18, 2009

OK, as you well know I've been very quiet over the past six weeks regarding Danielle. No More.

First thing I need the viewing audience to understand is that each week we come into your homes to entertain with laughter and drama. When you turn your televisions off the drama ends for you. Not so for me.

I found it very difficult to watch the interaction between Danielle and Jacqueline week after week. Let me make something clear - I love Jacqueline very much. We have a wonderful relationship in that we can tell each other what's on our minds, no holds barred.

We may scream and yell at times, but in the end there is a mutual respect and love there. I will say this; the laughter and good times far outweigh the bad. Now, regarding her friendship with Danielle. True, I didn't understand it, and I believed Danielle to be a negative impact in her life. That is my opinion, and I am entitled to just that, my opinion. Jacqueline decided to befriend Danielle, and I respect her right to make her own decisions and have her own opinion on Danielle as well.

I want to talk about Dina. I wish I was more like her. She has an extraordinary sense of humor and is very conscious of people's feelings and needs. To this day, to this very moment, I cannot figure out Danielle's compulsive obsession to destroy her. A lot of viewers expressed dismay at the thought that I protected Dina and took the fall for showing the book. THIS IS NOT I said in Tuesday's blog, I am a firm believer in "If you make your bed you must lie in it," I would NEVER lie to protect someone for something that they did. Not even my own children. What kind of example would I be setting for them? It is my bed...I WILL LIE IN IT.