Caroline Manzo

Caroline reflects on Lexi's return, Teresa's boobies, and the dreaded gym scene.

on Jun 9, 2009

Hello everyone, here we are at week five already! Where did the time go? I feel like the party is over before it got started! LOL!

OK, let me think, I watched the show a couple of days ago and my mind is like jello...

Dina - OMG Dina! Lexi came back from her trip with no diseases and she's not married! Lexi had a great time, and Dina used that time away from Lexi to really figure out where she needs to be in her life. All in all it was a learning experience for both of them. Lexi learned about her heritage, and Dina learned about herself. I will say, however, that Lexi was thrilled to be home, admitting that it was a bit too long to be away, but she is getting older, so this too may change. Dina handled it well for the most part, but like any mother, she worried, and you can't blame her for that. By the way, did you see the get up she brought back for Grandma Wrinkles! Too funny!

Teresa - Hooray! Teresa finally got her boobies! They look fantastic and she is very happy! I just need to know one thing - did Joe wear a thong while caring for her? If so, I think the nation needs to see pics of that, don't you? LOL!