Caroline Manzo

Caroline reflects on Lexi's return, Teresa's boobies, and the dreaded gym scene.

on Jun 9, 2009

Jacqueline - How freakin' cute are her parents? Jerry is a retired military Colonel, who is still very regimented in his thoughts and ways. To see him interact with Jacqueline and her crazy ideas is nothing short of priceless. When I look at Bonnie, I see Jacqueline in twenty years. Something tells me that Bonnie was a spitfire in her day, I see it in her eyes!

OK, the gym makeup, fat ass, ugly expressions...thank you Bravo, really, thank you. Kevin is an old family friend that works out with us three times a week. I can honestly say that working out with the kids is hilarious. I think we do more laughing than anything else. Kevin keeps us all in shape and I will be forever grateful for that. PS: The kids cleaned the carpet, no water, no mildew...

Danielle - ?

Again, many, many thanks for watching!