Danielle Staub

Danielle talks Christine's first photo shoot, and Caroline's allegations.

on May 10, 2010


My situation with my home was in need of repair both aesthetically and financially. The emotions I’m displaying are being shared not only with a realtor, but my friend Karen Goldstein who I met 16 years ago in Gymboree. I’m so proud to call her my friend, and also one of the best real estate agents in NJ. You are going to have to watch and see what happens with my home aesthetically and emotionally. But I can say the closets are clean.

Dina, I appreciated your comment about wanting me to be in a better place. I have trouble believing that was in reference to my home and the situation we are in. But, I’m going to try to stay in a positive place when I say that I appreciate any well wishes from anyone.
Really, Dina? Seriously? Supermarket, guests? I know every person at that table except Traitor, her mother, and Kim G for nearly two decades. I have friends. I had all of my neighbors there, and I did want you and Jacqueline there. And I was hurt a bit, but I’m passed it now. Onward and upward. Why don’t you go back and sit in your little kitchen and talk to yourself for a little longer. Just sayin’.

Teresa, Teresa, Teresa … pay attention, puhleeze. Stop talking about your sex life. Nobody cares. And if you really were having one, you wouldn’t be spending so much time talking about it.

And when you start talking about me and what I did in Miami, you were still in a sandbox Teresa, so stop pretending you knew anything about my life in Miami, and the paperwork attached to it. There was no kid involved in the Miami case. And I’m going to make you and everybody else read the book to find out what actually happened. The Naked Truth, May 25. Buy a copy with all that money you like to throw around. I’m not sure if I’m more frightened by your ignorance, or your vengeance. You seem to have nothing nice to say about me, but yet that’s all you talk about – is me. And to sit and nod your head in agreement with Caroline about my children? Seriously... Caroline, I’m getting to you in a minute.