Danielle Staub

Danielle talks Christine's first photo shoot, and Caroline's allegations.

on May 10, 2010

Teresa, when I mentioned that your daughter may not be supermodel material, it was because I believe she is only 8 years old at this point, and with time and maturity, she may be ready. But not now. And that is just my opinion, and I mean that with sincerity. She is a beautiful little girl. It is however, very, very cute when I see the little ones walk out after the fashion shows and come out in between all the models with the designers. That’s super cute. Christine had one of those at her show too, and your daughter looked really sweet.

Jacqueline, I appreciate and relate to what you have to say about drawing the line about things other people say about others children. I respected you for that ... a little bit. Could this be before you immersed yourself into darkness with the rest of your family? I hope you can find your way back to the light one day. That’s where I’ll be.

Caroline, next time you have a thought, before you let it hit the air why don’t you just take a moment before you do so when it’s in regards to my children. Talk all you want about me, but don’t you ever talk about my children. Don’t you ever badmouth them again. Just like Julia Robert’s line in Pretty Woman: "Big mistake. Huge." You think you are better than everybody else. Acting like everyone cares about what you have to say, and your opinion of me, and my children. You crossed the line, sweetie. In fact, you not only crossed the line, you ran across the line. I’m gonna say it again, stay out of my life. And if you are going to talk about me, that’s one thing. Don’t let me hear you talk about my kids again. Side note: How much money do you think you spend on ham that gets thrown around in your kitchen when there are children and people starving everywhere? Between Teresa throwing out perfectly good toys and you wasting food? Yea, you guys are charitable. Just sayin’.