Danielle Staub

Danielle reacts to Teresa's allegations and Dina's threats!

on May 12, 2009


I was at Chateau that day to talk to Jacqueline about Teresa. Also, Teresa asked me to stop by to comment on her being over the top for getting her girls hair done before a dress rehearsal for dance. That part did not make it on the episode.

When Jacqueline arrived, I had been waiting nearly 2 hours for her. I was beyond agitated. She knew I wanted to talk to her about Teresa not being invited, and yet she didn't come because she was worried that I would say something about Dina. I made it painfully clear I had no intentions of saying anything negative about her.

I was beyond agitated.

Earlier that day, Teresa mentioned to me that it bothered her that Dina didn't invite her into the city to the Sex and the City premiere. She said she didn’t want to confront Dina about it. I mean she has been Dina's friend for well over a decade, but she didn't ask me to say anything. I took it upon myself to do so. At the time I was becoming very close with Teresa, and she would call me nearly 10 times a day. We spoke about everything that was on her mind. I simply wanted to know why Teresa had not been invited and Jacqueline knew this.

By the time Jacqueline arrived, Dina arrived to get ready to go. That's when Dina assumed I was there because I wanted to go.