Danielle Staub

Danielle's tired of her co-stars trying to defame her character!

on May 18, 2010


Jacqueline, let me start off by saying you are in no way, shape or form in any position to be claiming to have spoken to my daughter privately, as my daughter has never been alone with you, nor will she ever be. I think you should take a lot more time to speak to your own daughter about her values, about being her own person, and about knowing right from wrong and stop worrying about me (and my daughters). And yes, you’re right about one thing; my daughters are very wise for their years. They didn’t arrive there on their own accord. So don’t take any more time or concern for my children. I think their positive nature and brightness speaks for itself when it comes to my parenting skills. So pay attention, puh-lease. I have three words to describe you: calculating, transparent, and narcissistic. Soon the whole world will see just how much you have been trying to fool everyone. I will admit at one point I wanted to be friends with you. Not because I felt like I needed to be, but because I recognized how important it was to you to be a mom (again) and to me, being a mom is the most sacred thing in the whole world, and I wanted to help you. It was without hesitation that I reached out to my friend, a wonderful doctor…to help you.

I know you want to try to convince everyone that you need people to believe that I actually want to be a part of your life. I did, and now I don’t, so get over it. I did have hope at one point that you were as you told me, "Not gonna be told by your husband or anyone who you can be friends with." Thus, the statement that I thought you were "your own woman," Jacqueline. It wasn’t about me trying to dictate to you, or trying to get you to be my friend. It was from your own words, as usual, and your own destructive biased opinions of your family that I believe you feel this threatened by me. You know you told me way too much, and there is nothing you can do to stop me from talking about it. It’s a free country, honey. Freedom of speech. You guys keep defaming my character? How about I keep giving people the REAL reasons as to why you want to do that?

And as for me not sending a baby gift, why would I even call you when you very publicly told me that I will never see your son, not to call you, and not to come around? You asked me not to, and I respected that. Or, did you forget about that one Jacqueline? Get over your pretentious self. Your lies are starting to catch ya now darlin'. “Run, run, as fast you can, you can’t catch Jacqueline – she’s the gingerbread man.” How’s that fairytale working out for ya? Just sayin’.