Danielle Staub

Danielle talks about Teresa's baby girl, Jacqueline's gun safe, and her friendship with Danny!

on May 25, 2010


As for my friend Danny, I met him through a mutual friend, and his name is Frank Vincent - one of the cast members of The Sopranos. So if Frank can be friends with both Danny and me, I think it speaks volumes for people pointing fingers at anyone who has a past. I certainly think they would think twice about doing that.

My darling daughters Christine and Jillian, my life and my world, as a mom I just want to make sure Christine is comfortable with all the decisions she has in front of her, and knows she can always come to me. But I am very happy to announce Christine is walking runways on a regular basis, and beautifully I might add. And the only time she has been exiting is when the show is over. Congratulations Christine, keep being beautiful on the inside and out. Hold your head high, and allow no one to detour you from your dreams, and I mean this for BOTH of my daughters. My goal is to only help them to be their very best and to support them in all of their endeavors.

Until next week, I wish you every blessing and I thank all of you for your support and kindness. My book is launched officially now (May 25th) at Barnes & Nobles and everywhere. (The Naked Truth, my memoir, by Danielle Staub.) Please go to my website www.danielle-staub.com for my appearances and follow me on twitter, DanielleStaub. I hope you will all come to my book signing at 7pm on 5/25 at Borders in Columbus circle in NYC. Watch me on The Today Show at 9am, May 25 and also come to my NJ book signing at 7pm on 5/27 at Book Ends in Ridgewood. The rest of my TV appearances and schedule will be posted on my website. And I will end this like I begin every day, and wish everyone love and light!