Danielle Staub

Danielle addresses the controversy surrounding her past.

on Jun 2, 2009

Hi, everyone!

Here we are at episode four! I want to thank all of those who have given me their unconditional love and understanding, and who relate to my position as a single women, mother, ex-wife, and friend. I can’t tell you how important it is for me to hear your positive comments, and your recognition of how wonderful my children are. Thank you for not judging me for being myself. In this letter I will do my best to clear up a few important issues, and some rumors about me. However, I will not tell my whole story here, but I will on a different platform very soon. Number one - over two and a half decades ago I was arrested. I was just a child, with no guidance or parents to speak of, in an industry that was very fast paced. I got in with the wrong crowd, and was not completely aware of the serious nature of my surroundings. I did not kidnap anyone. I am not a prostitute. I was merely at the wrong place with the wrong people at the wrong time. I apologize for being vague, but this is all I can reveal at this time.

I would also like to address to dancing portion of the show. I love to dance - it is my form of artistry. I have taken dance since I was a small child, and taken jazz through my adult years. A dance floor to me is what a canvas is to a painter. It is where I feel most free to express myself without words. I apologize if I misinterpreted the meaning of our dance that evening, and furthermore if I offended anyone. I was just having fun like everyone else, but perhaps I was taking it too seriously, because I have always wanted to learn Latin dancing. I would like to personally say I am sorry to Albie in particular - if you felt I was a bit to much, I promise that was not my intent.