Danielle Staub

Danielle explains her actions at the Brownstone benefit.

on May 31, 2010

Jacqueline. Jack in the box. You go to meet Derek’s mom. I get that. I even respect that. And for a moment you even had me on that. Wow, she’s come a long way. Then, your daughter says she is 18, Derek is 23, and you say there is a "FOUR year age difference” and that’s what concerns you? Hmmm. Then you talk about Ashley not making the same mistake that you did by getting pregnant. Do you really consider your daughter a mistake? Back to the visit with Derek’s mom. You’re wasted by lunchtime and you are laying on your daughter’s, boyfriend's, mother’s lap feeding each other grapes? Classy, real classy. All I have to say is if you are going to lay on another woman’s lap can you please have it NOT be your daughter’s, boyfriend’s, mother for all of the world to see? Pretty comfortable there Jacqueline. Just sayin’.

Caroline say what you want about me. I don’t really care. But don’t think for one second that you and your family haven’t put me in a position to where I have to surround myself with people that are a little more than intimidating to go anywhere near the Brownstone. You put me in this position, you and your entire family. It’s so easy for you to sit back with your cult of 11 siblings including yourself and their children, following me and my every move. And then to use our TV show to point out that I am the one that is crazy? Teresa had a pretty strong reaction to you shaving your face. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a daughter who is an esthetician like you. Perhaps you could give your daughter some experience on how to professionally remove the hair from your face.

Kathy Innocenti, who we saw in the diner scene with me discussing Emmanuella, was not present the night of the benefit because she had purchased and given me her entire table of 20 tickets so my friends and I could sit down, and eat dinner when we got there. I know it seems like I was trying to have everyone eat for free, but I am the reason over 300 of those guests attended that night, and Kathy will vouch for that. Not only did she give me her table, her daughter was the blonde girl, Patrice who walked me in. Ameil, Kathy and her daughter Patrice printed up all of the flyers that I hand delivered to all of the businesses to bring people in to get donations for Emmanuela. My only goal was to be able to walk in peacefully in a very unpeaceful situation and be able to leave with dignity, yet my intent was not to have happen what happened. In everything that I am, I wanted only what was best that evening for the baby. If you’ll notice as we were pulling up, I was right to anticipate trouble. As Chris announced a Bentley was arriving and I was in it he said, “Nevermind.” Translation: Don’t make room for them. Another one of his shining moments here was telling his best friend’s mother that a big surprise was waiting upstairs and it had nothing to do with us being overdressed. How sad is it that they still try to push the blame off on me when they knew all along they were going to make a problem for me being there? The Manzos took away a table that was paid for and that wasn’t very accommodating. It speaks volumes for the kind of people that they are. I did invite Kim and Danny and he invited his friends who just wanted to donate money for Emmanuella. Period. Eight months later, in the place I am in right now, I realize I don’t need anyone protecting me. If I were invited somewhere now in the place that I am in today – I might not feel the same about my need for a man to protect me. Watching this scene unfold, I can see clearly now that maybe it would have been best if I just went myself.