Danielle Staub

Danielle thanks her loyal supporters, and asks her castmates for respect.

on Jun 16, 2009

Hello everyone!

Here we are Episode Six, the finale.

I want to say how much all of you mean to me! I have so many women opening up to me and telling me how they are completely moved by my experiences in my life. My life journey has thus far been full and difficult to say the least, but all of you are making me realize the reasons why I had to go through all that I have. There are so many of you reaching out to me and filling me with such warmth, love, support and understanding, telling me I am helping you because you have been through the same thing I have. I want to say that while you are thanking me and looking to me for advice, I am so very grateful to all of you who fill me with such joy, happiness and love. It is you that I am thankful for. Thank you for giving me such courage and enlightenment. You are the ones lighting my path. Thank you for showing me how we can ban together and lift one another up. Thank you from the depths of my healing heart!

To all of you who defend my honor and demand respect on FB, I thank you for being my friends and all of you are indeed that! My friends! I will stop what I am doing for any one of you to listen and feel your joy or pain! Anything you need emotionally good bad or indifferent I will do my best to help even if that means to just listen. There is a lot to be said for listening to someone when they speak. I teach my children each and every day to be supportive of other women in life. I teach them to be supportive of others and respect their personal choices, because no one can know or how any idea what a person has been through in life. If you don’t listen and pay attention to someone when they speak, you may just miss learning a vital life lesson that God was trying to teach you by learning from someone else's experience. If you ignore others, you may just have to learn these lessons yourself, the hard way! Like the many lessons I have had to learn on this show. It has been drilled into my head time and again that you need to be equally as open with all women and I ask you to do the same with me. I ask you to pay close attention to instances that involve me that are a double standard on this show. I am certain that each one of you, at one time or another in your life, has met a woman that you instantly clicked with as a friend. Yes, Jacqueline and I met briefly before the taping of the show and I don’t see what is wrong with our instant connection.